Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Just because it’s a little chilly doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the sights and sounds Fleetwood’s cosy suburban neighbourhood. Warm drinks, pristine greenery, winter markets and more await you.

Cuatro Coffee (15127 Highway 10) is a spot of vibrance in the mass of residential buildings in Fleetwood. Cuatro’s coffee beans are sourced locally, and they offer a great variety of beverages to choose from if coffee isn’t your thing. Sit down and enjoy some beautiful latte art while you’re warming back up.

Hemlock Park (9277 160 Street) is home to a large urban forest, with a number of significant Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and of course Hemlock trees. Take a walk along the trails for a wondrous escape into nature.

High quality products for all your shopping needs can be found at Fresh St. Market (9082 152 Street). Fresh St Market is your local grocer with the look and feel of a farmer’s market that connects everyday urban fresh food shoppers to the local producer. Check out their seasonal fare to combat those winter blues.

Established in the early 1990’s, Morningside Park (8229 150 Street) is a local favourite. There’s a walking loop, lots of open green spaces and even a small playground for the little ones and kids at heart. This is the perfect spot for a little winter meander.