Honeybee Centre

Bees are some of the busiest creatures around. And local bees at the Honeybee Centre are no exception! Take a trip to this little gem in Surrey, at the crossing of Fraser Highway and Highway 15, and enjoy a unique and exciting experience for the entire family.

The Honeybee Centre is the place to get this delicious and naturally sweet food that proves to have a lot more uses than just a spread on your morning toast. Sample the different and unique flavours of honey available in their tasting room. From Blueberry to Cinnamon, you will be surprised by the different flavour combinations available with the honey made in house. Purchase candy sticks and other treats made from this natural alternative to sugar, the list includes candles, soaps, and beeswax.

The Honeybee Centre is not only the place to get your honey but also houses a café, a beekeeping farm and a honey production site, as well as a dedicated site to “bee” informed on all matters of bees and honey.

If you’re a “busy bee” (we couldn’t resist!), relax in the Tea Hive Cafe for a tranquil place to sit back and savour a cup of tea. This unique greenhouse tea room also provides delightful treats like their fresh scones served with honeycomb.

Did you ever wonder how bees make honey? The Honeybee Centre provides an educational hub for honeybee education. Explore the Bees and Bugs Lab, an exciting and interactive learning environment where you will use all your senses to experience the wonders of honeybees and their insect friends. Learn about the hive and the honeybees, and watch as those busy bees make honey live. For those wishing to get your hands dirty, they also offer courses on beekeeping and more in-depth studies on honeybees.

Stop by the Honeybee Centre and you are sure to have a bee-utiful time!

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