Top 5 Reasons to Buy Locally

With the spring and summer months upon us, crops are ready to make their way to your local grocery store. Surrey, BC is composed of 30% agricultural land, meaning there is an abundance of locally grown produce available. But why should you consider buying locally? Here are 5 reasons why you should support your local farmers.

1.    Eat fresher, healthier, and better tasting food.
Buying locally means there’s less time between being the crops being harvested, and said produce ending up on your plate. This means the food is more nutrient rich, and therefore more appealing to your taste buds.

2.    Local produce preserves open space.
Supporting local farmers means their farms remain, and less development occurs. These farms are open spaces that preserve a working landscape, keeping the air fresher and environment happier. There’s less distance to cover when your produce is grown locally, lowering CO2 emissions.

3.   Enjoy seasonal produce.
As the seasons shift, so do crops and what’s available. Eating locally ensures that you try different fruits and vegetables available at different times of the year, promoting new recipes and flavors. You’re also able to try what’s available regionally.
4.    Support your farming neighbors.
Fewer family run farms are able to stay in business when they run against big corporate farms. With the cost of upkeep rising, supporting locally grown produce ensures farms from past generations can continue to provide through to the next.
5.   Get to know who grows your food, reconnecting you with your diet and community.
When you can identify with your food, you make better choices. Sourcing your groceries from local farmer’s markets allows you to meet your neighbors and local farmers, and putting your hard earned money towards farmers who work hard to provide the community with fresh, nutritious food.

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