Forget the Birds. It's All About the Bees!

Does it seem like everyone lately is buzzing about bees? Well, this invaluable insect is a hot topic for a very good reason.

Bees, who pollinate a third of the food consumed by humans, play a vital role in sustaining earth’s ecosystems. Roughly 84% of the crops grown for our consumption require pollination by bees and other insects. Bees even pollinate the food grown as fodder for dairy cows and livestock. They also make a profound contribution to ecosystems throughout the world. Do you know what other plants are pollinated by bee? The seeds, fruits and berries eaten by birds and small mammals. These little guys are more than just a cute, fuzzy face; they’re the guardians of the whole food chain!

Recent years have seen a rapid decline in bee colony numbers. Significant factors that play a part include environmental changes, such as the extensive use of pesticides and insecticides in farming, changing climate, and the loss of the flower-rich habitat on which bees rely on for food.

The team at Surrey’s Honeybee Centre know how precious bees are. They’ve made it their mission to be Bee Ambassadors. In addition to housing a beekeeping farm, a honey production site, with all the honey products imaginable, they also act as a hub for all things pertaining to honeybee education, and a ‘Beestro’ called Fry’s Corner. The Beestro pays homage to the iconic land that the Honeybee Centre now resides on. For more information on Fry’s Corner, head over to the TrueSurrey blog post.

The Bees and Bugs Lab is an exciting and interactive learning environment and fun for the whole family. They also offer courses on beekeeping and more in-depth studies on honeybees. Whether you’re looking to stock your cupboards with something sweet and sticky or just hoping to ‘bee’ educated, The Honeybee Centre has it all.


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