The Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the post powerful food cravings anyone can have. There’s nothing like the force of a sweet tooth calling out for a cocoa infused treat. Most of us try our hardest to resist, and opt for a healthier alternative. Luckily for us, chocolate actually has many health benefits, and when indulged in, can have a lot of positive effects.

Dark chocolate has been proven to reduce the risk of heart failure in women who ate just 2 servings of dark chocolate each week. A similar study also found that eating one square of dark chocolate each day reduced the risk of stroke or heart attacks in women by up to 39%. As we all know, heart disease is one of the biggest killers in women, so getting your daily quotient of chocolate is important!

Chocolate has also proven to be somewhat of a brain food. A University of Nottingham researcher found that ingestion of dark chocolate rich chemical flavanol resulted in 2-3 hours of improved brain performance and alertness, making a little dark hot chocolate a perfect mid day pick me up.

Even during cold season, chocolate can be a handy helper. Chocolate has been found to be a cough suppressant almost as effective codeine. Chocolate contains theobromine that suppresses the area of the brain responsible for triggering a cough.

Keep in mind; these amazing health benefits are thanks to cacao, the main ingredient in dark chocolate. What makes milk chocolate so desirable is all the milk, sugar and butter added into the process of traditional candy bars. For any real health benefits, stick to 70% and up contents in dark chocolate.

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