Surrey Urban Farmers Market

You may know the Surrey Urban Farmers Market for its weekly offering of local produce and artisanal goodies, but did you know it also runs a number of initiatives and workshops?

This summer Surrey Urban Farmers Market is focusing on two very important topics: Health and Sustainability. So, why are these topics so dear to the heart of the Surrey Urban Farmers Market?

Well, the food sold at farmers markets is all locally produced food that is minimally processed, and contains very few additives. The food is fresh, ripened at the farm, and shipped only short distances once it’s ripe and ready to eat. Farmers markets support real, natural food. Real natural food ensures health and quality!

It’s also important for family farmers to build their soil’s fertility and take care of their land. This ensures continued productivity for future generations. The Surrey Urban Farmers Market does farm inspections to ensure sustainable farms, local production and healthy conditions for plants and animals. Supporting sustainability is critical to encouraging sustainable community development. Creating a market on a local scale and using methods that protect the environment, will reduce the environmental impacts caused by transportation.

Wellness Wednesdays

June 17th, July 8th, August 12th, September 16th

Wellness Updated

Wellness Wednesdays focus on building healthy communities, the consumption of food, and making smart consumer choices. There will be displays at the Surrey Urban Farmers Market info booth, highlighting healthy superfoods, and foods that are beneficial to digestion. The displays will also teach you how to add more greens to your diet, and promote ways to get creative in the kitchen. Need some inspiration? Make sure to stick around for a recipe demonstration!


Sustainability Fairs

July 15th, August 19th and September 23rd

Sustainability Updated

Sustainability Fairs focus on building sustainable communities, reducing environmental impacts, and making smart earth-friendly choices. There will be displays and activities at the Surrey Urban Farmers Market info booth that promote composting, recycling and food diversity. Community groups (such as Vancity and their Good Money Talks series) will also be joining us to promote sustainability in Surrey.


Opening Day Celebration

Wednesday June 10th

Come kick off the summer with the Surrey Urban Farmers Market and support local all season long! Food trucks, vendors and artisans will fill the Surrey Central Civic Plaza offering fresh local food, and unique gifts. There will be musical performances and activities for kids too!


Location: Surrey City Hall 13450 104th Avenue

Time: 1:00pm to 6:00pm

Date:  Wednesdays from June 10  to October 7, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Mike Marfori

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