Surrey Just Got Sweeter

If you’re anything like us, then you love hearing about the latest lunch place to pop up in your neighbourhood. It’s great to have an opportunity to find a new favourite hang-out and explore an undiscovered menu.

Fry’s Corner Beestro is Surrey’s newest restaurant… And it’s bound to get people buzzing! (Pun intended.)


Its name pays homage to the history behind Honeybee Centre’s location, which locals endearingly refer to as ‘Fry’s Corner’. Honeybee Centre already has so much to offer… a delicious local product, a beautiful farm property, and incredible beekeeping tours for families. Now, it has even more – a place for visitors to sit and stay a while! The ‘beestro’ is located in a beautiful greenhouse attached to Honeybee Centre. It’s open and bright with a rustic farm feel. You can make yourself at home as you sink into the big brown plushy couch and sip a coffee. Or you can enjoy the large outdoor patio with its unique artesian waterfall and fishpond, and three ornamental cherry trees that come springtime, litter the tables with pretty pink petals.


Dining at Fry’s Corner Beestro is a one-of-a-kind experience. Where else can you munch on lunch and watch a beekeeper go about his business, or see the farm trucks and forklifts come and go throughout the day? Previously, you could witness honey being produced first-hand before taking some home. And now you can enjoy mouth-watering, honey-inspired cuisine without even leaving the premises!

So, what can you expect to find on the Fry’s Corner Beestro menu? Its two chefs collaborated with a team of foodies on staff to create a simple, yet delectable menu of favourites… each with a delightful and surprising honey twist! If you’re looking for a late breakfast, you’ll have your pick of fresh-baked scones, muffins, and homemade granola that you can top with whatever honey suits your taste that morning. For lunch, try a next-level panini. Your choices include the roasted vegetable dressed in honey balsamic reduction, the BLTA with honey-roasted bacon, and the decadent brie, chutney and pear panini. Fancy something lighter? How about the strawberry and spinach salad garnished with a mild goat cheese and honey balsamic reduction, or the fresh “Beestro” salad, which is full of colourful vegetables and dressed in a honey poppyseed dressing? There’s even a simple menu for the smaller members of your family, that includes grilled cheese, daily soups, veggies and dip as well as apples served with a tasty yogurt honey cinnamon dip.


Have we just convinced you that you need more honey in your life? Fry’s Corner Beestro is open daily from 10am to 5pm And is also able to accommodate large groups for private evening events.

Visit Fry’s Corner, located at
7480 – 176 Street,
Surrey BC V3S 7B1

Or online here.

See you there.

Photo Courtesy of the Honeybee Centre

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