Some Like it Hot

The hotter, the better, according to many foodies who fall into the category of generation millennial. From Tabasco to Sriracha sauce, it seems like there’s no dish that can be spared from a squirt of spicy hot sauce. Across the world, people are seeking out dishes and flavours rich, specifically, in cayenne and jalepeno peppers, along with banana peppers, and pepperonchini peppers.

Younger generations have been introduced to spicier flavours earlier, meaning their tolerance for super spicy sauces like Sriracha are much higher. The height of popularity for Sriracha sauce hit an all time high in 2014, when there was an apparent shortage of the sauce. The production company just couldn’t keep up with the demand.

So how do you incorporate spicy flavours if your personal tolerance is not as high as the many who enjoy considerable heat in their dishes?

One tip is to gradually add spice into your dishes, slowly increasing the amount of spice each time you make a dish. It’s also important to determine which spices your palate enjoys, and the ones you definitely do not enjoy. If you’re not partial to cayenne pepper, keep it out of your home cooking.

If you’re new to spicy flavours, try putting a hot sauce on the side of your dish, this ensures that you don’t overpower or overwhelm your taste buds.

Lastly be sure to keep food or drinks that are known to soothe spicy handy. Consider having a glass of milk, or a slice of bread at your side when adding more spice to your dishes. You can even incorporate them into your dishes, for example a Thai stir fry will traditionally have coconut milk in it, a natural coolant.

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