Jennie's Sausage Stuffing

Just the words ‘Sausage Stuffing’ conjure up memories of Thanksgiving, Christmas, family meals and ridiculously full bellies.

For many, a traditional turkey dinner isn’t right without a delectable stuffing, and sometimes, when the stuffing is really superb, it can even steal the show from the turkey! If you really love stuffing though, why limit making it to only twice a year? It’s a fantastic addition to meat and vegetables and also a quintessential comfort food. As long as the days are cold and rainy, you can’t go wrong with stuffing to compliment a meal.

Below is a recipe from Jennie at Beast & Brine Local Provisions. This girl knows her ‘stuff’ so give this a try at home and you won’t be disappointed!



Toast the bread cubes until golden brown.

Brown sausage meat in the olive oil, breaking it into bite-sized pieces.

Add the vegetables and cook until soft.

Combine meat and vegetable mixture with the bread, eggs, herbs and season to taste.

Stuff your turkey or butter a casserole dish and cook until internal temperature reaches 74 degrees celsius.


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