Healthy Halloween Treats

What Halloween childhood memories do you have?

Did you and your friends devise an intricate plan that entailed scouring the neighbourhood strategically in order to collect as many Halloween candies as humanly possible? Are the houses that gave out full-sized candy bars still sealed in your memory to this day?

Halloween is many people’s favourite holiday for a number of reasons: the way pumpkins take over in every way, shape and flavour, the seasonal spookiness, planning all year for that amazing costume that you’ll probably only wear once, and of course ALL OF THE TREATS (to accompany the tricks that no one ever actually performs anymore!)

Oh yeah… And the dreaded sugar crash.

Sure, a fun, family holiday is a great excuse for junk food, but there are also plenty of spooky and delicious treats that won’t spike little junior’s blood sugar levels. We’ve found some festive Halloween treats that are healthy and festive. Check them out!

The Green Plate Rule blog has everything you need to host a clean Halloween shindig. We’re especially fond of the jack-o-lantern yam fries!

Carrot juice as food colouring? You heard it here first. Check out this adorable recipe for carrot and rice bites:

Candy corn popsicles that are good for you and sure to be a party favourite? Yes please!

Some of these ideas look too realistic to eat. Cheese eyeballs anyone?

Ready to try your hand at a few of these recipes? Pick up your local, fresh ingredients from our partners

Beast and Brine, Greco’s Specialty Foods and Antony and Sons. And if you still need to pick up a pumpkin then visit one of our local farms like Rondriso Farms or Port Kells.

Photo by ShrimpSaladCircus of the healthy candy corn popsicles.


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