Good Day Sunshine Cafe

What makes a good day great at Good Day Sunshine Café? Well, it starts with the people, the passion, the music, the coffee, and like everything great, a story. Chris and Jessie, natives of the coffee-culture capital Seattle, travelled to Surrey often to visit friends and family, but in the search for superb coffee would regularly trek to Vancouver. One day, on a routine coffee-commute to downtown, a light bulb finally went off and they asked themselves: Why not bring superb coffee to Surrey?

Each cup of coffee made under their proficient watch is always fresh and brewed to perfection. They are the only establishment in the neighbourhood to carry the JJ Bean Coffee brand. Want to grab a snack to compliment your java? Their ever-changing, but carefully-crafted menu is full of delicious fare, mostly made in-house with organic and pure ingredients. Some of the baked goods served are ordered from their friends at Fieldstone Bakery. The menu also includes a few vegan-friendly options for those with dietary restrictions. Take a bite out of a sautéed veggie frittata or pulled pork sandwich and taste the quality for yourself. This licensed facility also provides alcoholic beverages for those who want a little more than a caffeine kick at night.

Good Day Sunshine Café is a neighbourhood shop, where people can drop in to say hi and take a breather in between home and work. It’s a community hub that also offers locals a platform for artistic expression. Artists can display their work, bright-eyed musicians can test out new material on open mic night, and art enthusiasts can pick up tricks and flex their creative muscle at the regular painting workshops held once or twice a month.

You can’t go wrong with great food, great drinks and great company. Have a great day at Good Day Sunshine Café!


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