Food on the Fly

Sometimes you need some sustenance… stat! Maybe it’s been hours since you’ve eaten or you need to make the most of that short lunch break. Maybe life’s just crazy and there’s only so much time in the day to check everything off that list. Regardless of why you’re in a hurry, there’s good news. In Surrey, you don’t have to compromise quality for speed.

The best thing about the Vietnamese cuisine at Chopsticks on Pho (apart from the delicious taste) is the time it takes for that steaming bowl of goodness to arrive at your table. In addition to their signature Pho noodle soup, they also serve salad rolls, spring rolls, Banh Mi sandwiches and other Vietnamese delights.

Need to curb your hunger and stock up on essentials? Pacific Bistro‘s quirky combo of roadside cafe and convenience store make them the perfect pitstop if you’re on the go. Their fresh, homemade comfort food includes butter chicken, pizza, and fish and chips. They also have a fully stocked bar and an extensive hot drink menu.

An easy meal to prepare and share is a tasty mezze-style platter. Get everything you need from Beast & Brine, with their wide assortment of fine meats and charcuterie, cheeses, pickles and condiments. They also serve custom sandwiches made in-store using fresh, local products. For something extra special, order of the their picnic baskets and head to a local park!

Fresh St Market has it all in local, fresh, natural, organic, healthy and gluten-free groceries, but it’s their new speciality deli that’s got people talking. Their selection of elusive prosciuttos, pate and dips, olives, ready-to-go snacks, salads and delicious sandwiches will have your mouth watering!

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