Christmas Dinner Shake Up

When we think of Christmas dinner, we tend to immediately think of the classic turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes and the whole shebang. While there’s nothing wrong with tradition, it can also be fun to switch things up and try out new side dishes. Who knows, in years time these recipe ideas could become a family favorite.

The main course is always the star of Christmas dinner, and while turkey and gravy are amazing comfort foods, this year why not wow your guests with something a little different. A honey bourbon glazed ham that is melt off your fork tender is always a popular option. Cooking for just 25 minutes is also a great alternative to a long turkey cooking process. A nice option for those who don’t eat meat are individual cheese and spinach baked mushrooms. This recipe is very quick, easily customizable to the number of guests you’re cooking for, and great for beginner chefs. A more challenging main course is this unique recipe of spice-rubbed salmon with herb and pomegranate raita. The salmon is perfect for the West Coast market, and the recipe is truly something different that everyone will enjoy, while still feeling festive.

As for side dishes, it can be fun to mix in seasonal ingredients and non-traditional vegetables in a new way. This recipe for skillet scalloped corn is a quick and easy recipe that can be made ahead of time, so that when you’re fussing over the main course, you don’t have to tend to side dishes. Get delicious Christmas colours in a pear, pomegranate and spinach salad, dusted with feta cheese, this is an excellent way to add nutrition to your meal. A great spinach salad is also an effective way of balancing out all the protein and carbs associated with a big Christmas dinner.

The holiday season is all about coming together with loved ones over a hearty home cooked meal. No matter what you choose to create for your holiday meals, all that truly matters is the heart that’s put into it.

Photo Courtesy of Cooking Classy

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