Beast & Brine Local Provisions

Beast & Brine is a concept new and unique to Surrey. The store and its owners pride themselves on their commitment to providing the highest quality meats and products, and supporting the community by purchasing the products not made in-house from other local businesses.  The store’s main goal is to ensure the survival of artisanal processes and to minimize waste by maximizing utility. The end result of their hard work is an amazing selection of hand-crafted, delicious deli meats and charcuteries.

The owners Tyson, Ryan and Jennie are veterans of the culinary world. For as long as they’ve known each other, they’ve always talked about opening a high quality deli in the Fraser Valley closer to home than to downtown. Always encouraging others to open up a store with good artisanal meats, but never seeing it happen, the trio decided it was finally time to make the dream a reality and opened Beast & Brine in early 2013.

The store provides a wide assortment of fine meats and charcuterie, cheeses, pickles and condiments. Most of their cured meats find their way into the brine. Their simply-made meats are all delectable. From chorizo sausage to turkey pastrami, it’s hard not to sample them all. Beast and Brine carries a vast assortment of cheeses, many of which are Canadian brands, and all of which are simply divine.

If you are looking for lunch, Beast & Brine makes sandwiches in-store using produce from local farms and bread from their neighbours, Fieldstone Bakery. Custom sandwiches are made to order, so stop by Beast & Brine during your lunch break. Or for something extra special, order one of their picnic baskets for a day out at the park. Whatever you order, amazing food and great service make every visit to Beast and Brine a memorable one.


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