All of Oils

The story of All of Oils begins with a wedding. When Glenn Pineau and Kimm Brickman-Pineau tied the knot, they received flavoured olive oils as a gift from Glenn’s sister. The delicious oils were a huge hit with the newlyweds and they were desperate to get their hands on more! Flash forward a few months, and the newlyweds opened their doors to share something new and amazing.

All of Oils is an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting room that provides its patrons with the opportunity to taste and sample olive oils in a brand new way. All of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) in Glenn and Kimm’s store are sourced from the highest quality producers on the planet. The EVOO, flavoured oils, and vinegars are all dispensed from 15L stainless steel fustis to prevent early oxidization. Only once you select your flavours are the products dispensed into bottles, ensuring that the oils and vinegars you’ve chosen to compliment your meals are of the freshest quality.

Olive oils provide a healthy alternative to other cooking fats and have a plethora of bonus household uses. They can even be used for skin care and facial scrubs (although with oils this delicious it will be hard to put them anywhere but your mouth!)

Pair Chipotle Olive Oil with Espresso Dark Balsamic as a delicious dip for bread or pair Persian Lime Olive Oil with Violet Dark Balsamic to drizzle on salad. Replace the butter on your popcorn with Buttery flavoured Olive Oil for a delectable treat that’s healthy but still full of flavour. Treat your tastebuds and explore the wonders available at All of Oils. Glenn and Kimm are waiting to help you find what’s right for you.

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