Food With Thought is a campaign that was launched by Tourism Surrey in February 2014. Our goal? To strengthen Surrey’s food community by introducing both locals and visitors to its burgeoning food scene. It’s delectable, diverse, and dying to be discovered. And it’s one that’s unique to other municipalities, because of its mixture of urban culture and vast farmland. In Surrey, ‘farm to table’ is more than just a buzzword; it’s a concept that’s practiced daily. The food community in Surrey is broad and connected, from who grows, harvests, and sells the food, to where it’s cooked and served.

Behind every meal is a story. How was it made? Who made it? What’s at its heart? The Food With Thought website is a stage that tells these stories and showcases the community that comprises Surrey’s culinary scene. It also features recipes, food news and special events, because a region’s food scene is more than just restaurant dining. It’s packing a picnic, buying jam for your bagel, or being inspired to try making a dish at home. It’s about educating, participating and sharing. Welcome to Food With Thought. We hope this visit to our site will leave you hungry for more!


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