• Snack

    Discover Our Top Five Ways to Start Your Day

    If your day doesn’t start before that cup of Joe or a nice hearty breakfast, we’ve got your go-to spots in Surrey. We know that your time in the morning is very preciou...

  • Supper

    Dine Around the World

    With some of the fastest growing migrant communities in the entire country, Surrey’s ethnic food scene is a delicious demonstration of Canada’s cultural mosaic. The con...

  • Spicy

    Eat Your Way Through North Surrey

    With Kiran Kooner, Business Development Liaison for the City of Surrey! Breakfast Surrey doesn’t have a lot of brunch places, so I was super happy when Jasna Cafe (10320 Whal...

  • Specialty

    Discover Our Top Five Family-Friendly Places

    Surrey’s a great place for young families! From beautiful parks, armed with playgrounds and water parks, to lots of family-friendly restaurants, there’s always an optio...


Hey Sweet Stuff!

The heart wants what it wants… and sometimes it just really wants some sugar. If your favourite part of any meal is dessert, then you’re clearly in possession of a sweet-tooth. And thankfu...


We’re Celebrating Local

Some moments in life are simply indescribable. Winning that championship game as the underdog team. Or the heart-in-your-throat, weak-at-the-knees feeling that comes with saying ‘I love you’ for t...


Survive The Back-To-School Lunch Crunch in 5 Easy Steps

There’s nothing that divides kids and parents like the first day of school. It’s the battle of leaving the summer routine behind and embracing a new one. It’s waking them early when all they...


Bottoms Up!

It’s that time of year again. Sun, sandals, patios… and beer festivals! Central City’s Summer Cask Festival is back on June 20th. Get ready for a wide selection of casks to suit every taste,...